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Macle Light Box

A solution for the smart city's streetlight requirement.

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"We make Streetlight smart, efficient and alive."

Simple and Powerful Dashboard

Macle Light dashboard is a one stop place to control and monitor everything of your street light. You can get all the notifications at your hand. Know which street light is off and which one is on with the powerful real-time feedback system.

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Features & Specifications

  • Switching ON/OFF
  • Fault Detection
  • Dimming Module
  • Dimmer
  • Task Scheduling
  • Power Metering
  • Day Light Sensing
  • Air Quality Sensing
  • Humidity level Sensing
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Easily deployable, backed
by highly scalable IoT infrastructure.

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Why Choose Macle Light Box ?

Macle Light Box has been designed and developed after thoroughly researching and analysing the Streetlight related issues.

Real-time Streetlight Stats

No delay in the realtime statistics and demographics, what you see is what exactly happening.

Fault Detection

Instantly get notified about the faults of the streetlight and ensure superfast repairing and maintenance process.

Push Notifications

Send instant push messages and notifications of all the logs of the streetlights. This is one hell of a feature isn't it!!

Features and Details

These are some damn good features, specifications and interesting facts about our product.

Failure's Feedback

Real time notification of if any of the streetlight fails to operate.

Power Management

Pole wise reporting of the energy consumed, to know the actual power usage.


Region-wise, State-wise, District-wise, Assembly-wise, Locality-wise, Street-wise, Pole-wise or Bulb-wise real-time information and analytics.


Status & Switching

Know which one is on and which one is off. Switching can be handled by just a click.


Why to switch on the whole light if it can work even in the half intensity.

Humidity & Air Quality

Check the realtime humidity and air quality of the surrounding area.

With Macle Light Box, one can control and monitor city's streetlight and provide better & efficient service.

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